Studio X created and developed the identity system for Riscasa, a new co-living space in China. Riscasa is a brand new co-living brand has a broad target group from fresh graduates to business travellers, to provide a warm and cosy home with affordable price. Riscasa will have over 40 branches launch in the coming years in China main cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou.

The concept for the brand logo was inspired by the function of the business. Riscasa is a living quarters, a sanctuary, a place where you can take a rest and the place where you get up in the morning to start your day. The concept of ‘sunrise’ and ‘home’ was also combined to create the brand logo for Riscasa.

The use of the colour yellow and the circle shape represents the Sun. The division between grey and yellow represents the sunrise and the relationship between the Earth and the Sun. The Chinese typography in the logomark has an angular geometry which hints at the floor plan of a house.