At Studio X, we are committed to delivering sustainable design solutions that positively impact our client’s properties, the environment, and society as a whole

Our sustainability policy guides us in creating beautiful, functional spaces that prioritise people, the planet, and profit

We promote the importance of ‘building purpose’ alongside ensuring that we guide and educate our clients, to ensure our schemes have inherent ‘market resilience’. We strive to create spaces that meet the functional needs of our clients while also promoting long-term viability and adaptability and are advocates of creating sustainable developments in Asia.

This may include:

Sustainable Sourcing & Local Materials

We encourage our clients to prioritise purchasing from sustainable suppliers and use materials that are responsibly sourced and produced and to prioritise the use of local materials and design elements that reflect the surrounding community, culture, and history as well as minimising environmental impact.

Our material procurement policy emphasises the use of sustainable, non-toxic, and locally sourced materials whenever possible. We prioritise materials that have a low environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.

Retrofitting & Building Life Extension

We are experts at breathing life into old, failing properties, and extending the life of existing buildings. This is a key focus of our sustainability policy and business model, and a major reason many of our clients work with us. We believe that repurposing and revitalising older properties not only benefits the environment by reducing the need for new construction but also preserves important cultural and historical landmarks whilst reducing construction time, noise and site pollution.

Social Value & Measured Impact

We can measure the impact of the work we do. The social value that we add to the spaces we design is a key element of our sustainability policy. We believe that the social impact of a building is just as important as its environmental impact, and we work closely with our clients to understand their social and community goals. We utilise metrics such as social return on investment (SROI) and community impact assessments to measure the positive impact of our projects on the surrounding community.

Community Engagement

The spaces we design, particularly those with a public realm component such as shopping malls, are always designed to enhance the engagement with the local community and add genuine value to the neighbourhood. We also seek to involve the community in the design process, and consider their input and feedback. This can help ensure that the mall meets the needs and preferences of the local community, and create a sense of ownership and pride.

Socially Responsible Tenants

We encourage our developer clients to work with tenants who adopt socially responsible practices, such as fair labor practices, sustainable sourcing, and philanthropic initiatives. This can help create a positive impact on the community and attract socially conscious shoppers.

Energy Efficiency

We seek to promote, specify and implement energy-efficient practices, such as using LED lighting, upgraded HVAC systems, and the installation of smart building management systems and sustainable architecture to reduce energy consumption.


We design our spaces to be accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities, and to provide amenities such as accessible parking spaces, ramps, and elevators as well as ensuring the wayfinding systems we design are easily readable and understandable for people with different abilities by ensuring contrast, font and type size is optimal along with a suite of other considerations such as the use of well-designed pictograms and the placement and height of each sign.