We create people-centric workplaces that foster collaboration, encourage better working practices, and enhance productivity

Our award-winning team of designers have designed and delivered workplace solutions of all shapes and sizes from boutique offices to whole floor headquarters

Our team specialises in not only envisaging, designing and delivering workplace environments but also in establishing a sound business case to help our clients to define the right strategy for their workplace.

A Studio X workplace is designed to enhance the functionality, efficiency and well-being of our clients and their operations. Our innovative solutions are founded on design, strategy, and corporate change, whilst integrating brand experience and technology, alongside architectural and delivery expertise.

Here's what one of our happy clients had to say:

“ It’s been a great pleasure working with Sam and Rufus on our office relocation project. Their insightful and intelligent design solutions have helped to resolve many core issues we had to face in the past. Could not have asked for a better design partner! ”

Roco Wong
Regional Store Development & Visual Merchandising Director
APAC, L’Occitane (Far East) Ltd.

We analyse people’s work and cultural needs, and design spaces that enable them to perform at their very best. We encourage collaboration and cross-team communication and engagement by delivering environments that support people’s wellbeing, enable better working habits, and company integration.

Our award-winning interior design team has a strong reputation for excellence in design, documentation and timely completion of projects. Our expertise covers:

- Business Strategy & Success Planning

- Staff Questionnaires & Insight Coordination

- Brief Development

- Feasibility Studies

- Spatial Planning

- Client/Customer Questionnaires

- Concept Design

- Construction Drawings & Specifications

- 3D Visualization

- Materials & Finishes

- Procurement,Bid Coordination & Tender Management

- Shop Drawing Review

- On-site Attendance

- Mainland China Language Skills

- LEED Accreditation Support