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We have been fortunate enough to work with some incredible companies, from startups to bluechips - local to global.

Every collaboration has taught us something new. Those lessons have enabled us to form a unique perspective which allows us to add value to every single project that we are involved in today.

They worked diligently with our management and operation teams, and presented a comprehensive solution with proof of concept and within schedule.

Justin Wong

Lei Garden Group

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We believe in a bottom-up culture where everybody’s ideas are heard. We treat ‘failures’ as fuel and an opportunity to learn. We always design with purpose, basing what we do on evidence and with the goal of creating meaningful, measurable outcomes for our clients and their customers.

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“ Think of us as hired entrepreneurs. Our goal is to improve the performance of our client’s businesses ”

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We Have Been Shortlisted for a Prestigious Design Week!

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for a prestigious Design Week Award for our work with Lee Yuen Housewares.

When Brand Reputations Decline and What We Can Learn from the Rise…

One of the key roles of retail design and brand positioning is to ensure companies remain firmly rooted to their core values. But the enduring success of a business can be linked directly to its ability to continually adapt to evolving customer…

5 Tips To Creating A Great Workplace That Improves Productivity

Designing a great workplace environment is about so much more than squeezing in additional headcount. According to a study by the University Of Exeter good workplace design not only improves health and happiness but can also boost productivity by up…

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