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We can create the ultimate design blueprint for your brand's future.

Many of our clients in the Retail & F&B industry have multiple sites. For these scenarios, we can recommend the Pre-Concept phase which is where we create the perfect fictional store blueprint.

This affords us the time and space to explore the full range of design possibilities without being inhibited by any strange architectural anomalies that might be found in any given site location that could dilute the vision.

Depending on our clients preference we can go straight to implementing this on a live site or we can develop this into a set of store guidelines and store formatting principles for roll-out.

Key Expertise

  • Conduct a full analysis of the existing operation
  • Clarify the overall strategic direction
  • Interview stakeholders to develop key insights
  • Competitor mapping
  • Brief definition
  • Visual merchandising guidance
  • Product assortment analysis
  • Initial fixture, flooring, ceiling design
  • Preliminary budgeting & value engineering

Typical Deliverables

  • Customer flow and zoning diagrams
  • Reference imagery & benchmarking
  • Design of key spatial features and innovations
  • General arrangement planning
  • Sketches of key zones
  • 3D modeling
  • CGI visualisations & walk-throughs
  • Chairing Design Team workshops

Breif Formulation, Q&A & Roadmapping

We like to spend time getting to know our clients, their ambitions, objectives and their unique customer base. During the preliminary Pre-Concept stages, we will seek to learn as much as we can about your business, so that when we come to design, we do so based on a sound, fundamental set of principles and objectives.

'What If?' Invisaging & Early Stage Conceptualisation

We leave no stone unturned in our quest to come up with groundbreaking ideas that will revolutionise your business. We explore all the possibilities before settling on one that will give our clients an optimal outcome.

3D Modelling & Initial Spatial Testfit

We begin the process of 3D modeling very early on in the design process, allowing us to ascertain with millimeter accuracy, the proportions and peculiarities of an given space. We can then move to early stage pricing, and initial fixture design, back of house provision and preliminary customer walk throughs.

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