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Concept Design

Concept Design


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Concept Design is where we lay the creative foundations and test the design limits.

This is where we nail the big idea and begin to define the broad outlines of the project in terms of form, function, commerciality, operational effectiveness and buildability.

We are creativity fearless, and we always push the boundaries of our clients expectations to create amazing, recognisable concepts.

If a client has appointed us to create Pre-Concept, then we will use the extensive knowledge gained throughout that phase to influence the Concept Design for the first real site. If not, then we will define the brief and develop insights in order to curate a design concept that is anchored by a powerful and meaningful consumer experience.

Key Expertise

  • Conduct a full analysis of the existing operation
  • Clarify the overall strategic direction
  • Interview stakeholders to develop key insights
  • Competitor mapping
  • Brief definition
  • Visual merchandising guidance
  • Product assortment analysis
  • Initial fixture, flooring, ceiling design
  • Preliminary budgeting & value engineering

Typical Deliverables

  • Customer flow and zoning diagrams
  • Reference imagery & benchmarking
  • Design of key spatial features and innovations
  • General arrangement planning
  • Sketches of key zones
  • 3D modeling
  • CGI visualisations & walk-throughs
  • Chairing Design Team workshops

Planning, Zoning & Adjacencies

We have taken the time to understand your objectives, so our planning options will reflect this and will start to prove that our ideas work within the boundaries and constraints of the property. We pursue multiple variations and fine tune them until we get the formula just right.

Visualisation & Outline Material Specification

We produce ultra high quality CGI visuals so that we can accurately depict our vision. We never hide details in Photoshop to trick the eye. This approach helps to ensure our clients have a fuller understanding of the project intent as early as possible.

Retail Planning for spaces large & small

We design not only malls but also the stores that are housed within them. This gives us a unique vantage point when it comes to space planning of a retail or F&B environment of any scale as we can dovetail the threshold to give maximum benefit to both the landlord and the operator.

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