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Schematic Design

Schematic Design


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Schematic Design is where we really start to bridge the gap between concept and reality.

At this phase, our design team will begin to describe the architectural and tectonic elements of the design. We will dive beneath the surface of the 'big idea' and start to define the multitude of sub-ideas that will come together to create the personality of the project. These are spatial, zonal and ergonomic.

We will cover many ideas in this phase in order to achieve the best possible design solution. The team will take the concept design, and translate it into a comprehensive schematic design, combining several important components including site analysis and programming. Both the construction timeline and site particulars will have significant implications on the design process, so it's important for us to develop a solid understanding of these foundational components at this stage and syncronise them.

Key Expertise

  • Translation of the concept into a site specific scenario
  • Design development into a feasible, defined concept
  • Explore alternative solutions based upon site constraints
  • Provide a basis for analysing the cost of the project
  • Study the project program and implications
  • Ensure client understanding and acceptance

Typical Deliverables

  • General arrangement & enlarged part plans
  • General reflected & enlarged ceiling part plans with indicative lighting layouts and outline specs
  • Floor finishes plan
  • Wall finishes plan
  • Key elevations & sections
  • Development of 3D Built models
  • Final CGI Visuals and walk-throughs
  • Development of specialist areas (i.e. washrooms, lift cars, escalators, pantries, meetings rooms)
  • Key interior details (I.e. doors, interfaces and material junctions)
  • Joinery details (I.e. reception desk, built-in furniture & cabinetry)
  • Material schedule of key materials & physical materials board - to an agreed client budget
  • Furniture selection and outline specification
  • Coordination with sub-consultants, such as M&E, AV, RSE, QS, Lighting & Acoustic consultants
  • Chairing of Design Team workshops

Modelling & Walkthroughs

We produce highly detailed, true to scale computer models that provide us with millimeter accurate proportions, scale and dimensions of the spaces we invistage. This helps to bring our clients along on the journey, and also to get early stage pricing in order to manage project budgets and expectations as early in the process as possible.

Fixture Design & Visual Merchandising

We design right down to the last detail to ensure no product is without a proper home, and the entire scheme comes together like a well-oiled machine. We build stories around your product, create visual hierarchys to ensure the right product gets noticed, and can create smart stock solutions that allow for the most seamless product picking and stock replenishment.

Touchpoint Design & Journey Planning

We ensure the entire customer journey is a seamless as it is enjoyable; as planned as it is full of serendipity. From long range attention grabbing, to things you can touch and feel, we like to try to build in as much excitement and variation as we can to our schemes, wherever possible and suitable.

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