TEAM X™ - Your Team, Multiplied

TeamX is our custom built in-house program that sees us embed our design specialists within your team to improve business performance by driving the creative process and leveraging untapped knowledge, data and capabilities locked within your enterprise.

We have a purpose built process that is designed to bring key people from each of these departments together to form ideation sessions, steering committees, and problem solving hit squads to generate solutions that improve the performance of your business in some of the following areas:

  • Detailed Project Briefing Alongside Interdepartmental Coordination & Stakeholder ‘Buy-In’

  • Budgeting Clarity, Benchmarking & CAPEX Advisory

  • Retail Store Identity, Positioning & Planning

  • Customer Experience & Service Design

  • Unlocking Brand Growth & Cultural Positioning

  • Increasing In-Store Sales

  • In-Store Experience Definition

  • Digital Experience

  • Environmental Sustainability Credentials

  • Visual Merchandising Strategy

We coordinate meetings with the following teams, in order the ask the kind of incisive questions that are easier to ask as an ‘outsider’:

  • Real Estate & Property Management

  • Product & Merchandising

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Store Operations & Management

  • Information Technology

  • Customer Service

  • E-commerce and Online Sales

  • Legal & Compliance

  • Public Relations and Communications

  • Research and Development

  • Management, Stakeholders and Decision Makers

Some of the steps we take include:

Identify Objectives

Clearly define the objectives of the collaborative effort. Is it about improving sales, enhancing customer experience, enhancing a brand position, telling stories based around certain agendas such as sustainability or a particular campaign? We establish specific goals to guide the ideation process towards the agreed objectives.

Select Participants

We help you choose open-minded, creative, and enthusiastic representatives from each department who possess relevant knowledge and expertise to contribute to the business's transformation and success.

Formation Of Cross-Functional Teams

Ideation Sessions

We form cross-functional teams consisting of members from different departments. We curate ideation sessions that are focused on generating innovative ideas and solutions.

Steering Committee:

We like to form a small steering committee composed of senior leaders and key decision-makers. This committee will guide the overall direction of the initiatives, review ideas from ideation sessions, and prioritise ideas and initiatives based on their potential impact and alignment with the agreed business's strategy.

The steering committee will meet regularly to review the progress of different initiatives, provide guidance, and make decisions that can then be executed with clarity, purpose and authority. They can prioritise projects based on feasibility, potential ROI, and alignment with the company's goals.

Problem-Solving Hit Squads:

When specific challenges arise, we often create temporary and highly agile "hit squads" composed of experts from relevant areas of the business to address urgent issues. Hit-squad sessions should be focused, goal-oriented, and time-bound to generate rapid high impact solutions.

Facilitate Collaborative Sessions:

We conduct brainstorming sessions by bringing together cross-functional teams to encourage an open exchange of thoughts and ideas, allowing participants to build upon each other's suggestions.

We are experts in collating and prioritising all the generated ideas from ideation sessions and assess them based on their feasibility, potential impact, and alignment with business objectives. The steering committee selects which ideas to move forward with.

We develop a detailed plan outlining the necessary steps, resources, and timelines required for implementation of ideas and initiatives. We work with our clients to assign responsibilities to individuals or teams within respective departments, monitoring progress regularly and making adjustments as needed.

We keep all participants informed about the progress of initiatives and projects and encourage continuous feedback from team members to refine and improve the solutions. We also recognise and celebrate the successful implementation of solutions that contribute to business performance improvements, whilst treating failures as learning opportunities, ensuring that lessons are captured and applied to future initiatives.

We like to use a 'test and measure' approach in order to monitor which ideas demonstrate positive impact and to identify which ones should be further developed and expanded.

By following this process, our clients harness the collective expertise of its own diverse departments to drive innovation, solve problems, and ultimately enhance its overall business performance.

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