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Tender Documentation

Tender Documentation


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Documentation Refinement, Coordination & Preparing The Contractors Tender.

During Tender Documentation we add the next layer of detail and refinement into the Detail Design deliverables, picking up any unique or atypical site conditions and reflecting amendments driven by the client or budget.

The final deliverable will be a detailed set of drawings that communicates the overall layout and volume of the space, all fixtures, and the material or finish for every surface of the project including the coordination of the building services.

These deliverables then serve as the basis for the fit-out contractors tender procurement.

Key Expertise

  • Drawing Packages
  • Schedules
  • Services coordination
  • Design Team Meetings
  • Cost Confirmation
  • Pre tender interviews
  • Pre tender inital pricing

Typical Deliverables

  • General arrangement & enlarged part plans
  • General reflected & enlarged ceiling part plans
  • Floor finishes plan
  • Wall finishes plan
  • Key elevations & sections
  • Specialist areas (i.e. washrooms, lift cars, escalators, internal stairs, meetings rooms)
  • Key interior details (I.e. doors, interfaces and material junctions)
  • Joinery details (I.e. reception desk, built-in furniture & cabinetry)
  • Material schedule of key materials & physical materials board - to an agreed client budget
  • Furniture selection and outline specification for public areas only
  • Coordination with sub-consultants, such as M&E, AV, RSE, QS, Lighting, Acoustic consultants & local architect/architect of record
  • Design Team workshops
  • Formal presentations with the Client upon key milestone submissions
  • Formal issue of presentation in PDF format & drawings in both CAD and PDF format

Production of Drawing Packages

We produce comprehensive drawing packages to document our designs. Our packages include clearly articulating the overall design via a series of drawings which contain essential information such as setting out, dimensions, material codes, lighting and furniture specifications etc. as well as drilling down into all the key details and junctions.

Production of Tender Specifications

To complement our drawing packages we produce detailed specifications for all key items such as materials, furniture, sanitary wear, fixtures and fitting, lighting and signage.

Subconsultant Coordination

We host and attend sub-consultant design workshops throughout the design phases with key parties involved to ensure that the project is fully coordinated between all specialisms.

A well coordinated project ensures a smoother fit-out, time and programme savings.

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