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Tender Management

Tender Management


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Managing The Tender To Help Our Clients Appoint The Best Main Contractor.

If our clients are looking for additional support in the contractor selection process then we have got this covered.

We have established solid working relationships with a network of high-quality, reliably fit-out contractors and we are highly adept at overseeing the management of the contractor selection on our clients behalf.

Our Tender Management service includes us running the procurement of the contractor from pretender introductions, issuing and reviewing tender returns, contract negotiation, recommendations and project closure.

Key Expertise

  • Managing the tender process from start to finish
  • Educating our clients so as to avoid costly pitfalls
  • Ensure our clients gets fair market rates
  • Convey design accurately to the contractor
  • Forensic ratification of tender return line items
  • Master project programme development
  • Ability to provide two stage tendering

Typical Deliverables

  • Researching and short-list fit-out contractors
  • Organise contractor benchmark project visits
  • Host main fit-out contractors tender interviews
  • Providing holistic recommendations to our client
  • Creating tender pricing schedules & tender packages
  • Formally issuing the tender to the shortlisted contractors
  • Ratifying the tender returns
  • Client assistance on tender negotiations and contractual matters
  • Project closure, defects & warranties and final payments recommendation

Tender Invitation, Shortlists, Ratification & Recommendations

Holistic management of the tender process to ensure our clients find the right construction partner, guided and overseen by us at every step of the process.

Pricing Schedules

We produce comprehensive pricing schedules to capture all sections of the fit-out from preliminaries right through to general building services.

The production of our pricing schedules means that we can easily cross check the contractors tender returns to forensically analyse on a line by line basis how they have quoted for your project.

We then use this data to negotiate the project on your behalf to ensure you are achieving the best market rate.

Project Programme

We produce detailed project programmes in order to set key milestone dates for all our projects.

This ensures we can adhere to targeted time-frames and that all parties involved can clearly understand the deliverables dates mapped out throughout the process.

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