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On-Site Management

On-Site Management


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Contractor Shop Drawing Review & Regular Site Attendance Throughout The Fit-out Process.

After the contractor is appointed we oversee their works to ensure that our concept is delivered to our exacting standards.

This starts with us reviewing the contractors shop drawings, material samples and mock ups to ensure compliance and to assist them in any necessary detail adaptions required for buildibility or lead-time related issues.

Once these are approved we regularly visit the site during the fit-out to ensure that the quality of the build is in line with our expectations and to assist the contractor in resolving any site specific design issues. We document this within reports.

Key Expertise

  • Landlord approvals submissions
  • Shop drawing reviews
  • Coordination workshop attendance
  • Factory attendance
  • Site attendance & reporting
  • Monitoring construction quality
  • Contractor & trades coordination
  • Resolving site specific design issues

Typical Deliverables

  • Shop drawing reviews and detailed red penning and mark-ups
  • Assist the contractor with any landlord submissions & approvals process
  • Physical sample sign off and contractor suggested alternative specs' reviews
  • Factory visits to review mock ups and work in progress elements
  • Coordination workshop attendance
  • Regular site attendance to review progress and quality control
  • Site progress reports with accompany defect photos and remedial action notes
  • Final snagging & defects report to assist the client in the contract closure
  • Reviewing and contractor 'As Built' drawings packages

Shopdrawing, materials and mock-up reviews

We collaborate with the contractor throughout the fit-out, starting with a detailed review their shop-drawings, contractor proposed samples and factory visits to review mock-ups.

A thorough review of these elements ensures that the design intent documented by us in the previous phases is fully translated and understood by them.

Monitoring & Guiding The Construction Quality

We make regular site visits through the fit-out duration to collaborate with the contractor on solving on site issues and to ensure quality control of the fit-out. We document our visits in reports and issue these to our clients for record.

Site Inspections, Snagging, Recommendations & Reporting

We create detailed snagging & defects schedules to assist the client and contractor in closing out the project.

We painstakingly review every square inch of the project and document the defects in both written and photo formats with accompanying remedial works actions.

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