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We are experts in creating guidelines manual for stores, restaurants, and malls fit-outs.

Our job here is to create a concise, yet comprehensive instruction manual for the future implementation of our design vision. One that can be achieved with minimal or even no guidance from us. To that end, our Guideline Packages speak for themselves

The manual should be used to provide guidance on the design principles that we expect to be applied. They offer retailers, developers and designers with evidence-based quality principles to ensure that future planning focuses on the creation of a finished product that represents the vision we have agreed upon and ensures consistency across the network.

They also assist in the creation and implementation of best practices and have a direct impact the success of future design work and any roll-outs as a whole.

Key Expertise

  • Design introductions and narratives
  • Collating design information & criteria
  • Defining future site design instructions
  • Formatting principles
  • Technical criteria

Typical Deliverables

  • Guide & store design philosophy
  • Key product overview
  • In-store atmosphere
  • Store formatting (I.e. flagship, regular, concession & pop-up)
  • Shopfront & VM displays
  • Ceiling & lighting design
  • Key Joinery & retail fixture design
  • Wall Finish Design
  • Floor Finish Design
  • Key technical criteria instructions (I.e. BOH, POS, building services)
  • Completed project reference photography

Guide & Store Design Philosophy

We document clear and concise introductions, story telling and design philosophy explanations to set the ethos for future sites.

Store Formatting (i.e. flagship, regular, concession & pop-up)

We create retail planning principles and guides for a variety of site shapes, sizes and variations so that these guides can be adapted for future sites.

Key Joinery & Retail Fixture Design

We document the key retail fixtures and fittings so that these can be adapted for future sites.

Key Technical Criteria Instructions (i.e. BOH, POS, building services)

We document key technical criteria and our clients operational requirements into a concise technical chapter.

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