Studio X were appointed to produce a new concept to solve many of the problems that today’s consumer might encounter when visiting an IKEA, whilst retaining and leveraging all the good things that make IKEA one of the most successful and enduring retail brands in the world.

Our concept covered areas such as improving navigational ease to clarity the merchandising principles, as well as providing customers with the easiest possible access to customer service.

The concept is arguably one of Ikea’s most disruptive retail solutions, and one that we hope will form the backbone of the next generation of IKEA stores.

“Working with Sam and Rufus at Studio X proved helpful in a challenging project we faced in one of our existing stores. The guys were open minded, took a genuine interest in our business and after considering the situation presented a range of possibilities. I found them easy to work with, very receptive and responsive.”

Adrian Worth, General Manager
Taiwan, The Dairy Farm Group