We design market-leading shopping malls across China and the APAC region.

We think of shopping malls not simply as a series of functional interconnecting corridors, but as dynamic, customer-centric experiences in their own right...destinations that give you a genuine reason to stay and return time after time.

We design not only from the perspective of architectural form and planning efficiency but with experiential value and destination placemaking at the core of our thinking and with the customer at the very centre of everything we design.

Yau Shing Land

Retail, Malls, Workplace, Towers

K11 Mall

Retail, Malls

K11 Atelier, Ningbo

Retail, Malls, Workplace, Towers

Studio City Food Street

Retail, Malls, Food & Beverage, Food Courts

Swire Magica Botanica

Retail, Malls, Signage

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