Studio X have rebranded The Mulian Hotel, an established hotel group in China, prior to the launch of 150-200 new sites, beginning in 2019.

Studio X created the new logo and tailor-made wordmark, brand graphics, print applications, brand tone of voice, and website and overall digital look and feel. The tree icon is deliberately asymmetric in order to convey a more natural feel, and is ‘in fruit’ to symbolise the positivity of the brand and its future. The tailor-made wordmark is crafted with a series of lines to create a rhythm, with rounded edges and minimal form, representing the brands essence of style and sophistication.

We also created The Mulian Hotel painting as one of the main brand elements. The Mulian Hotel painting is made with an abstract interpretation of mulian flowers, with free and expressive paint strokes and vibrant colours, designed to inspire guests and enhance the hotel interiors.