Studio X created and developed the branding for, Cohesion, a new co-working concept, setting the distinct tone for the business and the physical workspace.

Studio X was responsible for creating the brand name, to work in both Chinese and English and also were the visionaries for creating a complete branding solution for the whole business and develop a branding solution that works across all platforms including the website design, staff uniforms and all printed brand collateral.

The naming and logo design concept is based on the core philosophy of ‘build a home with a heart and create an aspirational future’ and the principle of advocating a higher quality of life. The brand’s Chinese name “Mù lín 目林” and the English name “Cohesion”. “Mù” means ‘eye’, a metaphor for vision and perspective, and ‘lín’ literally translates as ‘densely populated forest’, and a fresh and vibrant place. To name the co-working space as “Mù lín 目林” means to have a sense of permanency and long-term vitality, a place where people can work together to create a stable and secure future. The English name is “Cohesion”, which means unity and harmony and the perfect synchronisation between complementary entities. The Chinese and English names echo each other, just like the vision of KWG, uniting people to create a better future.