Studio X is currently working with IMAX to develop ‘The ​LAB’, the ​latest component in the IMAX filmmaking ecosystem, and further consolidation of a cinema enterprise that supports the entire process from film production, using IMAX cameras, to watching the film in dedicated IMAX theatres.

Studio X developed the entire concept from masterplanning, architecture, interior design to naming and brand identity as well as custom packaging and digital elements.

The LAB, will allow IMAX film directors to edit and master their productions in a premium-grade ​movie ​theatre environment​ prior to commercial release​ whilst also providing the ability to review film in a high-grade theatre, all within the same site and for the first time in Asia.

The LAB is also a hosting venue for movie premiers and acts as an IMAX brand experience centre showcasing the latest in IMAX technology and fit-out benchmarks.